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About Us

Event Envee Productions came as an idea for me after I began blogging for some amazing brands. We have grown from a 1/4 sim with 50 designers/creators to a Full Sim and 60 designers/creators. We like to hear some feedback from our participants and boy do we listen. Today, Event Envee Productions is a success because we have listened to each and everyone of those feedback, we have lowered our prices and raised the number of prims to use. We have an amazing cast team ready and willing to help all of those in the events. Please if you ever need anything, don't hesitate to contact us. This event is successful and here because of you.

Event Envee Team

Bella Zenovka Moranni Ivanovic
DJ Eduardo Ivanovic
 (Eduardo28 Ivanovic
Orion S. Moranni Ivanovic
 (Orion Salvadori

Zayra Salvadori
Event Administrator
Patricia Higher
 (patricia bravitz

Event Manager
Francielly Petrovic
 (Francielly Petrovic

Designer Manager
Helena Barrows Naek
Blogger Manager
Kah Blaisdale
 (Kah Blaisdale

Marketing Manager
Lunna Weissy Merritt
Event Envee HQ 

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